My name is Adiya, and I am obsessed.

Sorry about that. I just had to make sure you all know that I am an absolute wacko who would really like to be good at something. Recently, I became obsessed with Tudor, Elizabethan, (and pretty much anything else before 1900) costuming. Even more recently, I decided I wanted to start from scratch - not just go out and but fabric from the fabric store, but go buy (insert an animal or vegetable that produces fiber), raise it, shear/cut/uproot it, spin its wool, dye it, weave it, and (gasp!) cut it up into pieces for a truly handmade article of clothing.

That isn't going to happen anytime soon.

I decided that since I have a decidedly brown thumb and am not going to be allowed to own a sheep (it's probably against town ordinances, as well as definitely against household ones), I think I will look elsewhere for fiber sources. Luckily, my dad's good friend owns a farm crawling with sheep, and she has graciously given me a monstrously large ball of processed wool, as well as a little bit less of unprocessed (invloving washing and/or carding to be nice-looking) wool. I think she has more sheep than she admits..:).

     About the Author
The Author, as variously mentioned, lives in central New Jersey (no, not North Jersey or South Jersey, but Central New Jersey). She has two cats who enjoy "helping" her sew, spin, use the computer, and generally live her life. She is a fairly solitary person, who occasionally refers to herself in third person form. Yes, these are my little helpers - they eat with me, they work with me, they craft with me, they sew with me. Afterwards, they can get so tired, they just fall asleep. No, I don't have that many cats, just two. The first picture is of my dear Fluffy, and the rest are of Paws (it's not that I like Paws better, it's just that he's not so camera-shy). A sad, sad story. By the way, these odd sitting and lying-down positions are 100% natural and cat-induced. I do not participate in feline torture.

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Last update: 29 May 2003

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